L7 Australian Tour 2016
This Week!
Thursday 6th October
PERTH Capitol
Friday 7th October
Wednesday 12th October
MELBOURNE 170 Russell
Friday 14th October
BRISBANE Eatons Hill Hotel
Saturday 15th October
SYDNEY Metro Theatre
Tuesday 11th October
MELBOURNE 170 Russell
Sold Out!
L7 Australian Tour 2016

L7 (USA)

“With a sound that could fill a venue 10 times the size of this one, stage presence that makes you shut the fuck up and listen and lyrics spat with the same vehemence they were 30 years ago, L7 prove that they are not only still relevant, but necessary in a music scene that desperately needs to cut the bullshit and get back to the fundamentals” – Stereoboard

“Thanks for taking an extended hiatus to remind us all what we've been missing” – Seattle Passive Aggressive

“Seeing L7 reunited onstage wasn't a nostalgic pleasure - it felt more like a privilege” – Billboard

“Like a boxer whose single punch is a haymaker. You know it's coming but it knocks you out every time” – Chicago Tribune

L7 was sweaty rock & roll with not an ounce of pretentious bullshit. Just headbanging and yelling like animals” – LA Weekly


They were one of the most anticipated acts on the Soundwave 2016 bill. NOW venues across Australia are going to get their roofs blown off when L7 take to the stage for an ass-kicking live experience presented by Metropolis and Select Touring this October. It’s been a long hiatus, but the female punk heroes are FINALLY BACK, giving Aussie’s a down and dirty intimate club tour. They dominated the music scene throughout the 90’s. They spearheaded a ferocious underground musical movement whilst defying gender expectations for the greater good of kick-ass alternative grungy punk rock. The iconic queens of rock ‘n’ roll L7 are exactly that, and so much more.

From 1988 – 1999 they were responsible for some classic rock moments – Shitlist, Pretend We’re Dead, Everglade, Slide, Andres, Fuel My Fire (co-written with our own Cosmic Psychos), Wargasm, Shove, Fast and Frightening to name a few. Rolling Stone also featured the band’s “Bricks Are Heavy” album in their list of Essential Recordings of the 1990’s.

Being cited as a mammoth influence on many of the Riot Grrrl bands of the 90’s, L7 and re-uniting in 2014, they have been tearing stages to shreds, demonstrating exactly why their live performances are iconic, ask Kurt Cobain who stated as one of his favourite live bands.

It’s going to be sweaty, it’s going to be un-apologetically L7 – oozing the grit and grime from the streets of Los Angeles in a viciously pissed off display of raw energy. Would you want it any other way? Prepare your grins now as they play all their Classics, after you see this band you won’t be able to take it off your face for a long time to come!

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