DJ Food, DJ Cheeba & DJ Moneyshot performing Pauls Boutique Australian Tour 2014
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Friday 21st February
MELBOURNE Prince Bandroom
Saturday 22nd February
SYDNEY Metro Theatre
DJ Food, DJ Cheeba & DJ Moneyshot performing Pauls Boutique Australian Tour 2014

“While countless DJs and producers have tried to decode its cornucopia of samples, three British turntablists finally succeeded by re-coding one of rap’s greatest albums.” – Consequence of Sound

3 DJs. Over 150 tracks. 3 Years in the Making

‘Caught In The Middle Of A 3-Way Mix’ Remixes, Recreates and Reimagines the Beastie Boys’ genre-defining sophomore album, Paul’s Boutique.

Helmed by 3 DJs - Food, Cheeba and Moneyshot this has been a homework project of epic proportions. More than just a mixtape, it's "a deeply affectionate, highly articulate love letter to a classic album, from a classic time, composed by peerless artists" (Buzzine)

Teeming with samples, Paul’s Boutique can respectfully be described as much-loved bastard child of a thousand fathers. The list of samples runs at five pages from a vast array of genres and artists - Kool and The Gang, Chic, Tower Of Power, The Beatles, The Eagles, The Commodores, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC. The result was the creation of a musical amalgamation that was not geared towards satisfying the commercial masses. Paul’s Boutique is the Sgt. Peppers of hip hop

Embarking on the near impossible mission, DJs Food, Cheeba and Moneyshot sorted through the labyrinthian mess of samples used on Paul’s Boutique and the sourced all original vinyl samples of all the tracks that the hip-hop trio and production crew The Dust Brothers used to create it. ‘Caught In The Middle Of A 3-Way Mix’ is the result, weaving together all the original samples plus a cappellas, period interviews and the Beasties’ own audio commentary from the reissued release into an electrifying audio-visual experience that is slick, fresh yet nostalgic, and completely unmissable.

‘Caught In The Middle Of A 3-Way Mix’ is more than just a tribute ‐ it’s an extension, a reimagining of the Beastie Boys’ legacy!

DJ Food (aka Strictly Kev) is best described as Food for DJs, simple as that, just flip it around and it begins to mean something entirely different. He DJ’s out regularly, travelling all over the world and creating a stir wherever he plays! He is amazingly versatile, both in the variety of tunes and his skills on the decks, playing a mix of jazzy, funky breaks, bootlegs, hip hop and usually building the set to a drum & bass crescendo that has the crowd going nuts.

The ever-eclectic DJ Moneyshot has won a mad decent following for his killer mixtapes, bubbling live sets, and party-smacking tunes. His style is air tight, and best described as “dance floor beats with hip-hop skills,” if you’re asking.

DJ Cheeba is the sight and sound of Solid Steel’s new school. Hailed as one of the most progressive audio visual artists around today, Cheeba has found an audience world wide with his unique style of turntablism and video manipulation.

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