Painters & Dockers + Ups & Downs Australian Tour 2015
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Saturday 8th August
SYDNEY Factory Theatre
+ Special Guests UPS & DOWNS
Painters & Dockers + Ups & Downs Australian Tour 2015


“Being in the Painters & Dockers is not like being in an ordinary rock band – it's like being part of a Viking raiding party! You sign on and you go into battle; you go to war” – Paulie Stewart PAINTERS & DOCKERS

“Raucous, punk-infused power pop.” – Ian McFarlane on PAINTERS & DOCKERS

Metropolis Touring is proud to present the PAINTERS & DOCKERS in their first Sydney show in 20 years!

The legendary Melbourne rockers launch their GREATEST HITS album on Saturday 8th August at the Factory Theatre showcasing songs that made them ‘infamous’ including: Die Yuppie Die, Nude School, Kill Kill Kill, Divy Van, Mohawk Baby and loads more.

PAINTERS & DOCKERS were formed by vocalist Paul Stewart in 1982. The band went through many line-up changes, but Stewart’s unwavering performances and sharp sense of humour quickly made them one of Melbourne’s best live bands. Their songs challenged issues such as gay rights, safe sex and their sound was uniquely Australian. Stewart’s biting social satire reared itself in songs such as Die Yuppie Die - about the 80's, the decade of greed and their home grown punk-rock attitude prevailed in songs such as Eat Shit Die and The Boy who lost his jocks on Flinders Street Station. Their most popular album Kiss My Art cracked the Top 30 in 1988 and made PAINTERS & DOCKERS a much loved group on the gig-circuit. Their many hits have become cult classics including Eat, Shit, Die which made headlines recently when Violent Soho member James Tidswell was refused entry onto a Virgin Australia flight. Tidswell was wearing a Dockers t-shirt with the slogan which was deemed offensive.

PAINTERS & DOCKERS split in the mid-90’s but reunited last year for the Meredith Music Festival at the promoter’s request. A GREATEST HITS album showcasing material from their 8 studio albums is out in August.

Joining the DOCKERS as Extra Special Guests are Brisbane’s UPS & DOWNS in a rare one-off Sydney show. Renowned for their well-crafted, jangly guitar pop, UPS & DOWNS are a treat for any music lover with an array of classic songs including: Perfect Crime, In The Shadows, The Living Kind and Lit By The Fuse. Having started their career around the same time as PAINTERS & DOCKERS, they are yet another experienced band that has been through it all. Having released several albums and EPs, UPS & DOWNS crafted their way up to the top supporting a host of internationals including Dream Syndicate, Flamin’Groovies, Wall of Voodoo and The Residents. The opportunity to catch UPS & DOWNS perform their superbly crafted melodic rock with ethereal guitar lines and solid hooks alongside PAINTERS & DOCKERS is a rare event that is not to be missed.

The PAINTERS & DOCKERS have not played a Sydney show since 1995. Don’t wait another 20 years! Dock On!

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